OS X Apps


IIgs Image Viewer

IIgs Image Viewer is a utility to, well, view IIgs images. Years ago, I wrote a 3200 viewer for BeOS (Sweet 16 could not then, nor now, properly display 3200 images). In 2009, I rewrote it for MacOS, adding support for other image formats (Apple Preferred, PaintWorks, etc). After sitting on my hard drive for a significant number of years, I polished it up enough to release on the Mac App Store.

Shrink-Fit X

Shrink-Fit X is a NuFX (ShrinkIt) extractor. Binary II and AppleSingle archives are also supported. The window appearance is based on ShrinkIt GS. NuFX decompression is handled by NufxLib

Resource forks, filetypes, and auxtypes are preserved.

ProFUSE Image Opener

Perhaps the biggest problem with ProFUSE is that it’s hard to use. Sure, it’s no harder than any other command-line application, but it’s no easier than any other command-line application.

Enter the ProFUSE Image Opener which includes the relevant binaries (for ProDOS and Pascal disk images) and handles all the command-line arguments for you. Drag, drop, and click the button.


An MPW emulator/compatibility layer. MPW (Macintosh Programmer’s Workshop) was a command-line development environment for the Macintosh from 1985—2001 or so. This runs some MPW utilities under the OS X Terminal. The original purpose was to run the MPW IIgs cross-development tools but it also supports many other utilities (including the 680x0 C and Pascal compilers).

The 680x0 emulator code was from the WinFellow Amiga emulator. My contribution was re-implementing the Mac OS toolbox and runtime environment (much of it undocumented).